1. Course Overview and Objectives

Forget a LOT of what you know about leadership.

Leading effectively in a virtual context is a whole new challenge! While many of the fundamental objectives remain the same, the strategies and tactics for engaging with your virtual team will need to change significantly.

In this Course we will focus on three core strategies and objectives:

  • First, Rethinking Leadership. You’ve got to reframe your mental model of what “effective leadership” looks like in order to adapt to the virtual context.
  • Second, Reassessing Your Strengths. You’ll need a new set of skills and competencies in the virtual environment, so you’ll need to reassess your strengths and weaknesses and how they apply in this new context.
  • And third, Restrategizing Engagement. Connecting with, aligning and inspiring your virtual team will require a unique set of strategies, practices and tools. You can’t just bring in coffee and donuts any more.

I hope you find this Course challenging and useful as you shift into becoming an impactful leader in the virtual world.

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