Course Overview and Objectives

What is true collaboration?

A strong team will coordinate and cooperate, helping each other out and getting a lot done. But ultimately, if there is sufficient trust, respect, and openness to ideas a team can reach the heights of true collaboration – that is, coming together to co-create something different and more powerful than any of them could have created on their own. The word "collaboration" is often used, but it's less often truly achieved.

In this course we will focus on:

  • Defining the Appropriate Level of Engagement: There are times when you just need to roll up your sleeves and get the job done yourself! But then there are times when you want to - or need to - harness the power of others' ideas, strengths and skills. That might be the time for collaboration.
  • Having a Collaborative Mindset: Are you really ready to trust others and allow them to bring their ideas and perspective to the table? It all starts with your mindset.
  • Building Collaborative Relationships: We'll help you identify specific working relationships where you see the potential to build the mutual trust, respect and openness needed to develop truly collaborative partnerships.

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